Our Research

Our team is committed to interdisciplinary cross-cultural research on forager children and learning.

If you are interested in participating in one of our research projects, or are looking for support for your own research project, contact us at foragerchildstudies@gmail.com

Past Research
(Links to papers will be made available as soon as possible)

Reckin, R., Lew-Levy, S., Lavi, N., Ellis-Davies, K. (Under review). Mobility, autonomy and learning: Could the transition from egalitarian to non-egalitarian social structures start with children?  In Social Inequality Before Farming: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Investigation of Egalitarian and Non-Egalitarian Social Relationships in Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Societies (peer reviewed). Ed: L. Moreau. Cambridge: MacDonald Institute Monograph Series.

Lew-Levy, S., Lavi, N., Reckin, R., Cristobal-Azkarate, J., Ellis-Davies, K. (2018). How do hunter-gatherer children learn social and gender norms? A meta-ethnographic review. Cross-Cultural Research. Link

Lew-Levy, S., Reckin, R., Lavi, N., Cristobal-Azkarate, J., Ellis-Davies, K. (2017). How do hunter-gatherer children learn subsistence skills? A meta-ethnographic review. Human Nature. Link


Current Research Projects
(1) Children’s work and play: In a cross-cultural analysis made up of secondary data, this project seeks to explore how ecological and cultural factors influence children’s participation in play and work activities across the lifespan.

(2) Children in the archeological record: Using a systematic protocol, this project examines how children’s activities are identified in the archeological record.

(3) Forager children’s experience in school: Using eHRAF and existing literature, this project investigates forager children’s experiences in schools.

If you would like to know more, please contact us at foragerchildstudies@gmail.com